Eka Nickmatulhuda is a storyteller. Cliché? But yes she is! Photography is only one of her many medium to tell stories.

She's born, raised and based in Jakarta, Indonesia. But she travels to many places in her country and others. At home and when she travels, she documents life with her camera, as if it matters. Because even though being a photographer trying her ass off to survive the photo industry is so damn hard, she still believe in the cause. That what she does; be a storyteller and documenting fragments of life.. does matter.

She’s been taking photos since 2005, started as a photojournalist, but currently making her way as a professional not only doing photography, but also shooting video, do some fixering and producing content. She puts together a website just in case someone asks if she has any. It is a showcase of photo works to convince others if they ever wanted to hire her for a photography service. So if you’re here for that, then please drop an email.

But if you’re thinking you might feel inspired, see more of her on Instagram and say hi.
If neither, then.. thank you for stopping by. Now leave, go find your happiness elsewhere. ^.^

instagram : @nickmatulhuda
email : ek@nickmatulhuda.com


Documentary Photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dedicates most of her work in exploring the stories of humanity, religion and women. Eka also writes and produces videos.
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